Applicants applying for a Maryland driver’s license for the first time must pass the Maryland permit test before obtaining the learner’s permit.
Anyone holding a driver’s license issued out of the country, or a driver’s license issued in the USA but expired more than one year is also required to pass the MVA written test.

How to pass the Maryland permit test easily? Well, the very first thing you need to do is study; that’s a fact. We highly recommend watching our YouTube videos to get an idea of what the test questions look like. Next, read the MVA study manual. Keep in mind that all the questions you’ll answer are based on the MVA manual.

If you prefer listening over reading, we’ve got you covered. You can listen to the entire MVA manual anytime, whether you’re at the gym or driving. The only section not covered in this audio is traffic signs, which you can study separately.

When you start the test, your timer begins ticking. You have only 20 minutes to answer 25 questions. First, read the question, then select the appropriate answer. You’ll need to confirm your answer to proceed to the next question. While most questions are straightforward some of them can be a little tricky.

You’re allowed a maximum of three mistakes. If you make four mistakes, your test will be discontinued, even if you have more time remaining.

The Maryland permit test allows you to skip three questions. How does it work, and why does it matter? Any question you’re unsure about can be skipped without counting as a wrong answer. So, it’s a good strategy.

You know you only need to answer 23 out of the 25 questions to pass the test. By skipping three questions and answering the other 23, you can pass the test without having to answer the three most challenging questions for you. That’s the catch.

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However, if you’re unable to answer the remaining 23 questions correctly, the skipped questions will come up at the end of the test.

Don’t be nervous, especially at the beginning of the test. Take your time to read and answer the questions. Even though you have 20 minutes for 25 questions, we believe it’s quite enough for most applicants to complete the Maryland permit test.

Use the provided headphones and adjust the audio volume to your preference. This will not only allow you to listen to the questions clearly but also reduce distractions from the noise made by other applicants, allowing you to focus fully on the test.

Lastly, select your preferred language. The Maryland MVA permit test is available in multiple languages.

By following these steps,  We believe you can approach the Maryland permit test with confidence.

How many Questions in the Maryland Permit  Test


The MVA permit test consists of 25 questions and 20 minutes time limit.

Applicants will be marked failed if they answered four questions incorrectly or if the time was over.

Can I Skip Questions

Applicants are eligible to skip three questions. Assume an applicant answered all other 22 questions correctly; they will pass the test. However, skipped questions will appear again at the end of the test if someone answers any question wrong.

We suggest using the skip method if you are unsure about the answer to any question.

How Often I Can Take the Test

If applicants fail the Maryland permit practice test, they are eligible to retake it. However, if the applicant passes twice, they must complete seven days before retaking the test.

What if I cannot Pass the Maryland Permit Test in English

Don’t forget that you can also request the MVA permit practice test in some other foreign languages. For available languages, please refer MVA official site.

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MVA driving written tests consist of road signs and road rules. However, the questions are straightforward and based on the Maryland MVA driver’s manual. Anyone who studied the driver’s manual thoroughly could pass the test easily.

In the meantime, studying our practice test video would increase the possibility of having a good score on your test.

Where can I study for the MVA Permit Test?

Many of our students have commented our YouTube video was very helpful. You also can try here. 

Begin the Test Now



1. How do I study for my learner’s permit test in Maryland?

– Study the Maryland Driver’s Manual, take practice tests, and consider enrolling in a driver’s education course.

2. Do you need an appointment for a Maryland learner’s permit?

– Yes appointment is needed for the learner’s permit application process. You can Make an appointment here prior to visiting the MVA during their regular hours.

3. How long is a Maryland learner’s permit valid?

– A Maryland learner’s permit is typically valid for 2 years from the date it is issued. 

4. Is the Maryland learner’s permit test multiple choice?

– Yes, the Maryland learner’s permit test consists of multiple-choice questions.

5. How many questions are on the Maryland permit test?

– The Maryland permit test usually has 25 multiple-choice questions.

6. What is the passing grade for the Maryland permit test?

– To pass the Maryland permit test, you need to answer at least 22 out of the 25 questions correctly.

You can download the MVA Driving Manual from MVA official site here.

If you prefer to listen rather than read we have a valuable video covering all sections of the MVA Manual.

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