10 Reasons for Automatic Driving Test Fail and Tips to Avoid

DMVs follow a scoring method to check your eligibility for the driving test. Here, one point will be marked for each mistake done by you. There is a maximum number of mistakes allowed during the driving test. If the number of minor errors you make during the driving test exceeds that number, you will fail the test.

In addition, the automatic failure method is used for dangerous actions and violating some road rules or driving requirements. Those driver mistakes you make cause you to fail your test immediately, no matter what your score would have been.

Therefore, you must be aware of these sure-to-fail mistakes when taking the driving test.

Depending on the state you take the driving test, reasons for automatic failure may vary. However, You will automatically fail your driving test by making the following common mistakes.

Failure to make a complete stop at the stop sign (Rolling Stop)

A common mistake both beginners and experienced drivers make is not coming to a complete stop before the stop sign. Reducing the vehicle’s speed and passing the stop sign slowly (Rolling stop) violates state law. Moreover, you are also required to have stopped your vehicle’s front wheel before the white line at the stop sign. This offense is considered an automatic fail, and your driving test will be terminated immediately. You are required to follow the same rule at stop signs located on the DMV site.

Failure to follow safety procedures at lane changing.

Failure to follow safety procedures when changing lanes is another common cause of automatic failure. Changing lanes is indeed a difficult task for beginner drivers. You can overcome this challenge by practicing well under an experienced instructor and learning the proper procedure for changing lanes. In the driving test, you are expected to change lanes at the right time. Your examiner will watch how you check the side mirrors, check over the shoulder, flash the signals, and adjust your speed when changing the lane.

Forget to wear glasses/contact lenses/seat belts

If you passed your eye test while wearing glasses or contact lenses, you must fulfill that condition when driving. Driving a vehicle without wearing glasses while holding a restricted permit/driver’s license is a reason for automatic failure.

Before starting your vehicle, you must fasten your seat belt. Attempting to drive a vehicle without a seatbelt is a reason to fail the test automatically.

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Making a left turn at the green arrow traffic signal without yield

Turning left at intersections is another difficult task for novice drivers. You have the right of way to turn left at an intersection when green arrow signals are on. However, some intersections don’t have the green arrow signal for turning vehicles. If no green arrow signal exists, You can make the left turn only after yield. Novice drivers often fail immediately when turning left at the wrong time. It will help if you have the patience and experience to make this turn safely. Therefore, you must practice this task before you take the driving test.

Not following the Correct Way to Proceed at the 4-Way STOP Sign

Failure to follow traffic rules at intersections with four-way stop signs (All Way) is also a sure cause of failure for many inexperienced beginners. Here, in addition to the requirement of the complete stop you usually follow at the standard stop sign, it is mandatory to follow the first-come-first-go rule. If two drivers arrive at the intersection simultaneously side by side, the driver who comes from your right has the right of way.

Making a right turn when red light is on creates a dangerous act

Turning right at a red light is another typical example of novice and experienced drivers failing the driving test automatically.

First, you must be aware of the law in your state regarding turning right when red lights are on. In some states, it is not allowed to turn right while the red lights are on; in some states, it is possible to turn right when the red led lights are on following the safety methods.

If it is legal to turn right when red lights are on according to your state’s rules, you should first come to a complete stop at the intersection and then check if there is a “No turn on the red lights” sign. If so, you must wait for the green light before the turn. Then, you can safely turn right after ensuring no vehicles are coming from the left side.

Breaking these steps is another reason for immediate failure because it creates a dangerous action. Remember that even if you are allowed to turn when the red light is on, you can still wait for the green light to come up before you make the turn, which you believe is safe.

Driving over the posted speed limits

Driving over the speed limit is also a cause of immediate failure. Although driving too slowly is unsafe, it is best to maintain a speed slightly below the posted speed limit during your driving test. Remember that the safe speed is not always the posted speed. It will depend on the condition of the road, the current weather, and the condition of the vehicles. However, driving over the speed limit violates the law and causes automatic failure. In addition to failing your test, this mistake can also result in a traffic violation penalty.

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Hit or Jump over the curb

Driving your vehicle over curbs is also unsafe and causes immediate failure. This risk can be reduced by keeping your car in the center of the lane, especially when turning at intersections. It is likely to hit the curb when you are performing parallel parking and three-point turn maneuvers.

Not moving into the designated lane when turning

It is also essential to bring your vehicle to the appropriate designated lane to turn left or right at intersections. For example, when your driving examiner asks you to make a turn, you are supposed to move your vehicle to the correct lane before you reach the intersection. Attempting to make a turn from the wrong lane is a dangerous action. This unsafe action leads you to an automatic fail.

Not following the school bus safety law

Depending on the time you take your test, you may encounter school buses on the road. Following the correct traffic rules when dealing with school buses will help you to pass the driving test. When you see a school bus that has stopped for students, you should stop as long as the red light is flashing. If not, you will fail the test automatically. In addition to failing your test, this mistake can also result in a traffic violation penalty.

Failing to yield to another driver or a pedestrian who has the right of way

Falling in to give right of way to other vehicles and pedestrians is also an automatic fail. Although a road sign does not always display this traffic rule, it is necessary to be aware of the right-of-way law and to follow it at all times. You must stop the vehicle and let the pedestrian cross the road at the crosswalk since pedestrians always have the right of way. When turning left, you must yield to all oncoming vehicles. Right-of-way rules should also be followed when entering the main road from a side road. These are to mention a few. Breaking the right-of-way law is another example of immediate failure.

Understanding the Responsibility of your DMV Driving Examiner

Your driving test will be terminated immediately if you commit any unsafe or dangerous action like an accident, property damage, threat to the life of other road users, etc. However, you should clearly understand that your driving examiner will not wait until you do the hazardous act. He will act immediately and take control of your vehicle or give you verbal instructions like NO! STOP! .This is another reason for immediate failure. Many learner drivers accuse of this type of failure, saying they did not do any unsafe accidents. It is essential to understand that the driving examiner does not wait for you to cause an accident; it is his responsibility to prevent any type of dangerous action in the first place.

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