How to Prepare for the Driving Test

Most states in the USA require you to make an appointment to take a driving skill test. Appointments are necessary considering the Driver examiners available at DMV locations and the time spent for each practice test.

In this section, we will talk about how to prepare for a driving test. This is important because if you don’t follow the correct procedure, DMV will disqualify you and request you to make an appointment for a re-test.

We don’t think anybody wants that situation. Then let’s see what you are required to do before your appointment so you can pass your driving test the first time. 

Plan your visit to the Driving test

That means you, as an applicant, know in advance the date and location that you are going to do your driving test. You can use this time to examine and get a clear idea of how your DMV office holds the practical driving test. The requirement for documents may vary by state. You can easily find this information on DMV’s official website. Don’t forget to improve your skills for the practical test for driving in the meantime.

It is essential to arrive at your DMV location early. This is necessary for several reasons. Some DMV locations have limited parking slots for customers. It is not uncommon that some customers arrive at the DMV at the last moment and struggle to find a parking spot. 

Suppose you arrive early for your driving test. In that case, you may have some time to correct any minor mistakes you may notice at the last moment, like an almost empty gas tank, expired insurance policy, etc., since your test is on a scheduled appointment. If you were late, you might have no time to do that, and the only option would be to reschedule the appointment.

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Are you accompanied by another driver?

If you hold a learner’s permit, you cannot drive alone. So this same rule applies to your driving test as well. So you must always come for your driving test with a licensed driver. That may be your family member, friend, or your driving instructor. This is important not only when you Prepare for the Driving Test but also throughout you are holding your learner’s permit.

The licensed driver, accompanied by you, has to stay there until your driving skills test is completed. The reason is that if you do not pass the test, your driving examiner needs to hand over your vehicle to your licensed driver to take you home.

You may not be aware that the DMV issues some driver’s licenses with restrictions. Restrictions vary. If possible, always ensure that your licensed driver is carrying an unrestricted driver’s license. In other words, if possible, always find a person who has a clear license to accompany you. Restriction for driving with glasses or contact lenses is okay on this subject.

Check if your vehicle qualified

Your driving test examiner will perform a precheck of your vehicle before starting your test. Precheck is done mainly for safety reasons. Your test is going to be conducted on a public road. So low fuel gauge, missing lug nut, blown brake light, etc. could be one of the reasons to be disqualified. So we advise you to check your DMV official websites to ensure your vehicle meets those requirements beforehand.

Be familiar with your vehicle operations

At the time of the appointment, your driving examiner will ask you to operate some instruments on your vehicle. You need to be able to perform these instructions without delay. Since this is the beginning of your test, if you can’t follow the examiner’s instructions promptly, it will imply you are a complete novice in driving. Driving examiners are human. They need to think about their safety as well. If you have made your road test appointment without properly learning how to drive, you will put not only yourself but also your driving examiner’s life at risk. So we strongly advise driving test applicants to complete their lesson hours and become familiar with the features of the vehicle before participating in your driving test.

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Do you carry all the required documents?

US state law may require you to carry some documents while driving. So these exact requirements are valid on your driving test day too. For example, a valid vehicle registration card and auto insurance card may require carrying with you while driving. In some states, digital copies of some documents are accepted. That means you can save some documents on your electronic device and present them at a time an officer requests you. Blaming the DMV officials for not keeping you informed in advance that you are required to bring these documents with you is worthless since it is required by state law.

Does your Permit/License have any restrictions?

If your learner’s permit requires you to wear glasses, and you are trying to operate the vehicle without wearing glasses, it would be an automatic fail.

Have you completed the minimum training

In terms of state law, there may be a specific period you need to complete before you can take your driving test. Even though the DMV official website lets you make the appointment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed your minimum period. 

You may be required to complete a driving education program at an approved driving school. If so, make sure you have completed the entire driving course program. Driving education class consists of two parts, theory and behind the wheel. You may not be issued the certificate until you complete both sections, which is a pre-requirement for your driving test.

You may think we discuss too many things which are required to do before the driving test day. Some of them are more important than others. However, your driving test will be a happy experience if you are well-prepared and well-practiced.

We wish you to come back home with your newly issued driver’s license.

All the best!

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