Apply for a Drivers license in Maryland : Many people migrate to the USA every year. They can be permanent residents or with any other temporary Visa holders. Regardless of their lawful status, they all wish to apply for a driver’s license to drive in the USA.

Maryland state, in particular, lets anyone holding a valid lawful status obtain a driver’s license subject to certain conditions.

Even though first-time driver’s license applicants are required to get a permit in order to apply for a Drivers License in Maryland other people who migrate to the USA having a driver’s license from their own country are not required to obtain a learner’s permit. Instead, they can apply for a full driver’s license if they provide the necessary documents. More information for foreign drivers license holders

So what are the necessary documents?

how to apply for a driver's license in Maryland

Documents needed to apply for a drivers license in Maryland 

They must provide original documents to verify their active legal status in the USA. (What if your lawful status is expired)

Secondly, all applicants should have a social security card. If anyone is not available for the social security card, they need to bring a letter from the Social Security Administration confirming the same.
Further, they need to provide two acceptable documents to show their Maryland residential address.

In addition to the above, they must provide their original foreign driver’s license. If the license is not in English, it requires a translation. As we mentioned, foreign driver’s license holders are not required to complete a driver’s educational program. However, they must complete 3 hours of alcohol and drug classes and bring that certificate with them when they apply for the license.

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Once the MVA agent accepts your document and foreign driver’s license, you can take the MVA written exam. This test is similar for everyone, whether they have a driver’s license or not. Because of that, foreign driver’s license holders can also use our practice test videos to improve and refresh their knowledge before the test.

After passing the written exam, first-time driver’s license applicants apply for a learner’s permit, but foreign license holders apply for the driving skills test. However, they are not required to have a learner’s permit and attend the driver’s education program. After successfully passing the driving skill test, they can get the full driver’s license right away.

Apply for a Drivers License in Maryland in a Foreign language 

Your examiner gives you the instructions in English. If you are not competent in English, you can request a translator to explain the instructions in your language.

Federal non-compliant driver’s license

What is a non-compliant driver’s license? Someone can obtain a driver’s license in Maryland state, even if he doesn’t have legal status documents. In that case, he will be required to contact the state tax office to obtain the permission letter before visiting the DMV office.

Do you have to retake your driving test if your license expires (Do I need to retake the driving test for renewal)

If you have a driver’s license in any state of the USA, you can obtain the Maryland driver’s license without a written and driving skills test.

However, if your driver’s license expires more than twelve months, you will be asked to pass all tests before obtaining the driver’s license.

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How long you can renew your driver’s license after it expires

Maryland driver’s license validity depends on your status. For instance, if your duration of stay in the USA is 6 months your license validity will also the 6 months. 8 years validity will be given to those who are either US citizens or permanent residents.

Prepare for the Online test. Youtube 

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