Railroad Crossing Sign

railway crossing sign

What Does Railroad Crossing Sign Mean?

A “Railroad Crossing” sign is a warning traffic sign designed to alert drivers to an upcoming railroad crossing where tracks intersect with the roadway.


  • Shape: Typically in the form of an X-shaped crossbuck sign with a white background and black lettering. Additionally, there may be a circular yellow sign with a black “X” and “R R” symbol.
  • Symbol: The crossbuck sign features the words “RAILROAD CROSSING,” while the circular sign displays the black “X” and “R R” symbol.
  • Placement: Positioned on the right side of the road before the railroad tracks.


  • To warn drivers of an approaching railroad crossing and to proceed with caution.
  • To indicate the need for drivers to look and listen for approaching trains before crossing the tracks.
  • To enhance overall safety by reducing the risk of collisions between vehicles and trains.


  • This sign indicates that you should slow down, look both ways, and be prepared to stop if a train is approaching.
  • Never attempt to cross the tracks when warning signals are active or when a train is visible.
  • Obey any additional signals, gates, or flaggers present at the crossing to ensure safe passage.

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