School Crossing Sign

school crossing sign

What Does School Crossing Sign Mean?

A “School Crossing” sign is a warning traffic sign designed to alert drivers to a designated pedestrian crossing area near a school, indicating that children may be crossing the road.


  • Shape: Typically pentagon-shaped with a yellow background and black border.
  • Symbol: Black image of two figures walking, often with a diagonal line indicating the crosswalk.
  • Placement: Positioned on the right side of the road near school zones and designated crosswalks.


  • To warn drivers of an area where children are likely to cross the road, especially during school hours.
  • To encourage drivers to slow down and be vigilant for pedestrians, ensuring the safety of children.
  • To enhance overall safety by promoting awareness and caution in school zones.


  • This sign indicates that you should reduce your speed and be prepared to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  • Stay alert for children and school crossing guards, especially during school start and end times.
  • Follow any additional signs or signals, such as flashing lights or speed limits, to ensure the safety of everyone in the school zone.

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