No U-Turn Sign

What Does No U-Turn Sign Mean?

A “No U-Turn” sign is a regulatory traffic sign designed to inform drivers that making a U-turn at this location is prohibited.


  • Shape: Typically circular with a red border.
  • Symbol: A black U-shaped arrow with a red slash through it, indicating the prohibition.
  • Placement: Usually positioned on the right side of the road where U-turns are not allowed.


  • To prevent drivers from making potentially dangerous U-turns that could disrupt traffic flow.
  • To maintain smooth and safe traffic conditions by directing drivers to alternative routes for turning around.
  • To enhance overall safety by reducing the risk of accidents at busy intersections or areas with limited visibility.


  • This sign indicates that you must not make a U-turn at this location.
  • Look for designated areas or intersections where U-turns are permitted if you need to change direction.
  • Violating this sign can result in traffic citations or fines.

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