Keep Right Sign

Island sign

What Does Keep Right (Island) Sign Mean?

A “Keep Right (Island)” sign is a regulatory traffic sign designed to inform drivers that they must keep to the right side of a designated island or obstacle in the roadway.


  • Shape: Typically rectangular with a white background and black border.
  • Symbol: Black text that reads “KEEP RIGHT” with an arrow indicating the direction to the right.
  • Placement: Positioned before the island or obstacle to guide drivers on the correct path.


  • To direct drivers to navigate around an island or obstacle on the roadway by keeping to the right.
  • To prevent confusion and ensure smooth traffic flow around obstacles or islands in the road.
  • To enhance overall safety by clearly marking the correct path and preventing potential collisions.


  • This sign indicates that you must keep to the right side of the island or obstacle.
  • Follow the sign to ensure you navigate around the obstacle safely and efficiently.
  • Be aware of any additional road markings or signs that provide further guidance on navigating the area.

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