Wrong Way Sign

wrong way sign

What Does Wrong Way Sign Mean?

A “Wrong Way” sign is a regulatory traffic sign designed to inform drivers that they are traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way street or freeway ramp.


  • Shape: Typically rectangular with a red background and white lettering.
  • Symbol: White text that reads “WRONG WAY.”
  • Placement: Positioned on the right side of the road, often near one-way street entrances or freeway off-ramps.


  • To alert drivers that they are heading in the wrong direction and need to turn around immediately.
  • To prevent head-on collisions by guiding drivers away from oncoming traffic lanes.
  • To enhance overall safety by providing clear and immediate warnings about incorrect travel directions.


  • This sign indicates that you must stop and turn around to avoid driving into oncoming traffic.
  • Pay attention to other signs and road markings to ensure you are traveling in the correct direction.
  • Ignoring this sign can lead to severe accidents and legal consequences.

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