Divided Highway Begins Sign

Divided Lane ahead

What Does Divided Highway Begins Sign Mean?

A “Divided Highway Begins” sign is a warning traffic sign designed to inform drivers that the road ahead will become a divided highway with separate lanes for opposing traffic.


  • Shape: Typically diamond-shaped with a yellow background and black border.
  • Symbol: Two opposing black arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down, with a solid divider line between them.
  • Placement: Positioned on the right side of the road before the start of the divided highway section.


  • To alert drivers that the roadway ahead will be divided by a median or physical barrier.
  • To encourage drivers to stay in their designated lanes and follow the divided highway’s traffic flow.
  • To enhance overall safety by reducing the risk of head-on collisions with a central barrier.


  • This sign indicates that the road will soon split into a divided highway, and you should stay in your lane.
  • Be aware of the divider and adjust your driving accordingly to navigate the upcoming change.
  • Divided highways typically allow for safer and more efficient traffic flow, but always drive attentively.

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