Merge Sign

Merge Sign

What Does Merge Sign Mean? 

A “Merge” sign is a warning traffic sign designed to alert drivers that two separate roadways will converge into a single lane.


  • Shape: Typically diamond-shaped with a yellow background and black border.
  • Symbol: A black arrow merging into another line, indicating the convergence of lanes.
  • Placement: Usually positioned on the right side of the road before the merging point.


  • To warn drivers of an upcoming merge where traffic from different lanes will need to combine.
  • To encourage drivers to adjust their speed and position to facilitate a smooth and safe merge.
  • To enhance overall safety by promoting awareness and caution in areas where lane reduction occurs.


  • This sign indicates that you should be prepared to merge with traffic from another lane.
  • Watch for other vehicles and be ready to adjust your speed or change lanes as necessary.
  • Use your turn signals to indicate your intention to merge, and be considerate of other drivers merging into your lane.

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