California Driving Test is not so easy to pass unless you are well prepared.

The reason being you are going to drive with a DMV examiner to demonstrate your skills is completely different from driving on a typical day.

Regardless of their experience and talent, anyone is nervous on a test day. Your examiner is aware of that. What we are going to explain here is how you must take into your consideration how your driving method is supposed to be different.

Anyone using a foreign driver’s license needs extra attention to this topic. They are not attending a complete driving education program, and they always miss the valuable theoretical knowledge of driving in the USA. However, this video series is a valuable source of content for anyone who wishes to refresh their knowledge of the road rules.

California Driving  Test

How many miles over the speed limit is reckless driving

For instance, it is true that we drive faster than the posted speed limit most of the time (Technically, you break the law if you drive faster than the speed limit). Even so, it would be best if you didn’t do that on your driving test day. You better drive within the speed limit when you drive with your examiner. Although your examiner might not tell you anything about it, it will affect badly to your score.

What if you fail to stop at a stop sign

Another instance is that we do not make a complete stop at every stop sign on everyday driving. However, this cannot be done during your driving test. You must make a complete stop at every stop sign throughout your test. It is even better to count from one to five in your mind before moving your vehicle.

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When making a right turn the driver should Stop or proceed

Another apparent difference between everyday driving and performing your driving skills is making the right turn when the red light is on.

The traffic law related to turning right at a red traffic light differs from state to state in the USA. For example, you cannot make a right turn when the red traffic light is active in the state of New York. However, some states let you make the right turn when the red t light is on.

Three conditions must be fulfilled if anyone makes a right turn while the red light is on.
The first condition is no one can make the right turn during the red light cycle when the “No Turn On Red” traffic sign is displayed.
The second condition is that you should make a complete stop before you make the turn.
Thirdly, you make sure it is safe to proceed. That means you can proceed after making sure that no vehicles are coming from the left side direction.

Many candidates are confused about making the right turn during the red traffic light cycle. So our advice to you is to stop and wait for the green light before you make the turn if you are not confident in what you are doing. That is another thing you must know before taking your driving skill test.

From the beginning to the last end, your driving skill is monitored by an examiner. It would be best to comprehend that your driving examiner does not know your skills in advance. So there may be chances that your test can be discontinued if your examiner has a reason to believe that you attempted to do a dangerous action.

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It is worth understanding that your examiner cannot be unresponsive until you do a dangerous action. So if your examiner has reasonable cause to believe that you are about to do a dangerous action, the examiner will begin to take control of your vehicle and stop your driving test immediately.

So what does it mean to you? You should be careful not only doing a dangerous activity but also not letting your examiner assume you are attempting to do such an action.

So we believe you have realized well that driving on your scheduled driving test day is not the same as regular daily driving. That’s the reason we said at the beginning driving on your skilled test is tuff. You must be well prepared for the driving test even though you think you know how to drive.

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